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Kerri Lee-Young

Here is an example of a Bio page and it can be used in two different ways: as either a group bio page (or “About the Team”), or for individual staff members. If you decide to go with option B, feel free to use Kerri’s bio as an example on how to write your own. Please note that Bio pages are an add-on to the basic Salon Snapshot purchase and an additional fee is required.

Kerri is an industry veteran who has been writing for various professional beauty publications for more than a decade. She has a knack for organization and email marketing and is quite the social butterfly—both online and in real life. She has all kinds of lovely connections & contacts and manages to make more, wherever she goes.

Kerri likes to have her finger on the pulse of new, interesting talent, and businesses with their own unique stamp. Basically, if it’s quirky, strange or even just slightly off—Kerri knows all about it and likely, loves it. For these reasons, (and many others that we don’t have to get into here) Kerri handles the scouting, outreach and wrangling of the businesses and artists to be featured editorially on Industrie.

You can visit Kerri on:


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