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Justine Rivard

Here is an example of a Bio page and it can be used in two different ways: as either a group bio page (or “About the Team”, or for individual staff members. If you decide to go with option B, feel free to use Justine’s bio as an example on how to write your own. Please note that Bio pages are an add-on to the basic Salon Snapshot purchase and an additional fee is required.

Justine is formally educated in English & Journalism and extensively experienced in any type of marketing and advertising that you can think of. She has a penchant for anything design, technology or photography related and likes sticking her hands in lots of pies (literally & figuratively). Preferring to work a bit behind the scenes, Justine is responsible for “steering” the overall look and feel of Industrie, new product development and strategic partnerships.

Fascinated by the left/right brain balance that it takes to be a successful business owner and/or creative professional, with a deep-rooted passion for “the little guys”—Justine loves truly interesting people doing truly interesting things. Her mission (which dovetails nicely with the mission of Industrie) is to offer the information and tools needed by the “makers” of the world to help them bring their passions to life (and make a living doing it).
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