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This is the Hard Part


The hard part is one of those hair terms that, if you know it, you probably love it. At its core, a hard part—or surgical part as it’s been called once or twice before—is essentially a part that is shaved into the hair. It’s a little more extreme than the sharply defined side part that…..


The 5 Hair Brushes You Need & Why


You may have noticed that hairdressers have quite a large assortment of hair brushes in their salon station. It’s not because we have an infatuation with them (well, maybe just a little bit), it’s because we use various types of brushes for different reasons while we styling your hair. You may be wondering, “Do I…..


Make The Most Of Your Appointment


In this day and age, your time is valuable. Here at the salon, we want to make sure that your experience is everything you hope it to be, and to really make certain that it’s just that, we’ve put a list together of some things to keep in mind to make the most out of…..