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5 Questions to Ask Your Stylist


Walking into the salon can be exhilarating and even just a tiny bit intimidating at times. When you sit in the styling chair, we immediately start asking questions, including the most important one of them all, “And what are we doing today?”

But this beauty interrogation isn’t one-sided by any means. We want and encourage you to ask us questions as well. Sometimes it may be a bit difficult to know exactly what to ask so we put together the five most important questions that will provide you with the information you need to seriously up your beauty game at home.

Consider All Ideas

The Question: What would you do with my hair?

Let’s say you’ve come to your appointment with a clear idea of what you’d like done. You’ve pinned pictures to Pinterest boards and even have some magazine pages dog-eared. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve walked into the salon without knowing exactly what you want, and that’s also okay. One of the questions we love to hear is “What would you do with my hair,” because it gives us the opportunity to collaborate with you and show you what makes us so good at what we do—creativity.

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Will It Work

The Question: Will this new cut/style or color work with my lifestyle?

If you’re working a very corporate job that frowns on the idea of purple hair, then maybe getting purple hair isn’t the best idea. If you work or spend a lot of time outdoors, opt for a cut and style that will hold up well to the elements (contrary to popular belief, wind-blown waves don’t work for everyone!). And most importantly, if you are trying to keep your beauty budget it check, then getting a service that requires regular,  labor-intensive appointments probably won’t do your bank account any favors.

 Level Of Upkeep

The Question: How much maintenance will be required?

Love how a graduated bob looks but can’t imagine going to the salon every four weeks for a trim? Then how about we explore some other options that will make sense for you. The same frame of mind goes for creative color, bangs, and undercuts. Styles and color services that require a lot of upkeep translates into more frequent trips to the salon. If you don’t have the time, it may be time to change your frame of mind.  


Product Prescription

The Question: What products are right for my hair type?

Choosing the correct product for your hair type is crucial in helping you to achieve your desired look as well as a preventative measure against damage caused by styling. For instance, men or women with thin/fine hair should always use a heat-protectant spray prior to using a blow dryer or flat iron. When a color service is performed, a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner are a must-have to keep color looking vibrant. We stock our shelves with products from companies we trust and products we know that will protect the integrity of your hair. Remember, your new look is our walking billboard, it’s in both of our best interests to keep it looking fresh!

Getting The Look

The Question: How can I recreate this style on my own?

Speaking of getting the look, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we’d like to show you because nothing is as important to us than giving you the skills and knowledge to keep your style looking great well after you walk out of the salon.  From how to properly hold the hair dryer to teaching you which brush to use, when. Since while you are strutting your stuff around time you are also advertising our work and the standards of the salon, we really want your hairstyle to be a testament to what we can create.  

Again, please feel free to ask these questions as many times as you feel necessary. If you have any additional questions, then, by all means, please ask. We are here to help in anyway possible and passing along our information is our utmost importance.

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