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The 5 Hair Brushes You Need & Why


You may have noticed that hairdressers have quite a large assortment of hair brushes in their salon station. It’s not because we have an infatuation with them (well, maybe just a little bit), it’s because we use various types of brushes for different reasons while we styling your hair. You may be wondering, “Do I need all these different types of brushes to recreate this look on myself after my hair appointment? If so, which ones and how much will all these cost me?!”

There’s no need to panic. What you really need are three main brushes—a paddle brush, a vented brush, and a round brush. You can even include a detangling brush and a teasing brush into the mix, but it isn’t mandatory. Each serves a start-to-finish purpose and we’re going to give you a better understanding of when and why to use each one.   

Not only do brushes come in various sizes and shapes, but they also come with different types of bristles. Those are:

  •  Synthetic: Primarily made out of nylon and great for detangling. They are also known for producing less static than natural bristles and are ideal for people with thick hair.
  •  Natural: Predominately made out of boar bristles, natural bristles are gentle on the hair and scalp and are known for making hair look shiny thanks to the bristles being able to distribute your hair’s natural oils from the roots to the ends. These types of bristles are ideal for those with fine, straight or relaxed hair.
  •  Mixed: You get the best of both worlds with these. If your hairbrush has mixed bristles then you have the ability to use it for just about anything and everything. From detangling to styling and finishing, mixed bristles are what we hairdressers like to use on all our clients because it’s the most versatile.

What To Use & When

  •  Paddle: Paddle brushes are a great everyday brush for all types and lengths of hair. You can use them from the second you get out of the shower (to detangle), while you’re blow drying your hair and even during styling if you’re trying to create a look like a sleek ponytail where you don’t want any frizz. Paddle brushes come in various sizes and shapes.
  •  Vented: Vented brushes help speed things up, especially when you’re blow-drying since air can pass through the brush and your hair strands at multiple angles. This type of brush is great for all types and lengths of hair.
  •  Round: Paddle brushes and vented brushes really don’t create much volume during the blow-drying or styling process, but a round brush will, especially a round metal brush. Large and medium-sized round metal brushes are great to use while blow-drying to add lift to your roots and to curl to your ends. It’s also a good idea to have a small round metal brush if you have bangs because it makes styling them much easier. If you have short hair, a round natural bristle brush will be ideal for your hair because it will keep hair smooth and shiny.Hair-Brush-Guide-group2
  •  Detangling: If you have medium to long hair, then having a detangling brush (a.k.a. a wet brush) is in your best interest since they aid in brushing out knots and preventing damage to wet strands that are extremely vulnerable to breakage.
  • Hair-Brush-guide-Detangler
  •  Teasing: A teasing brush isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a nice one to have on hand during the styling process especially if you’re trying to create a look that requires a bit more volume or “anchors” like an undo.
  • Hair-Brush-Guide-Teasing-Brush

If you don’t already own or use one (or all) of these brushes on a regular basis, then we recommend you purchase one and start incorporating it into your everyday styling routine. If you’re unsure how to properly use it or uncertain exactly when to use it, then please ask us and we will be more than happy to show you how during your next visit.

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