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Make The Most Of Your Appointment


In this day and age, your time is valuable. Here at the salon, we want to make sure that your experience is everything you hope it to be, and to really make certain that it’s just that, we’ve put a list together of some things to keep in mind to make the most out of your hair appointment. Here’s a breakdown on how we should spend our time with each other the minute you walk through the door.


A Timely Fashion

If you’re running late to your appointment, for any reason, please call the salon and let our front desk know what time you’ll be there. You could be stuck in traffic, left work late, have a babysitter issue— life happens. Call us either way. In case we don’t have enough time allotted to perform the service(s) you’re requesting before the next person scheduled after you arrive, we want to get you rebooked before available appointments fill up. We also want to make sure you’re okay and not send out a search party!


Loose Ends

After you arrive and get checked in, this is a great time for you to use the restroom or finish up any phone calls you may need to make. Also, if you have any texts or emails you need to send, we recommend you do that as well. Sometimes we need you to be looking straight ahead for a period of time during your appointment and we don’t want to interrupt anything important you need to send out. And if you’d like something to drink, please let us know right away because once we get started, it may be difficult to for us to stop.Salon-Appoitnment-thank-you-card

Let’s Talk

Let’s not kick your appointment off with talking about what’s been happening in each other’s life. We have time for all that. The most important thing we do the moment you sit in the chair is discuss what we will be doing to your hair and address and answer any questions or concerns either one of us may have during your consultation. No matter if it is your first time at the salon or if you’ve been coming to us for quite some time, we need to know things, lots of things, to keep your hair looking, feeling and performing to your liking. Questions like, “What’s your morning routine like,” or “Have you had any trouble styling your hair since your last appointment,” or “Do you have any allergies or are you taking any medication that may make your skin sensitive,” are just a few of the many questions we should be asking you. Once we get through all that, then we have some time to catch up and chit-chat until we begin styling and finishing your hair.


Realistic Expectations

If you have a specific look you’d like for us to create, please have a visual aid for us to reference. You can utilize Pinterest, save a photo to your phone or even show us a screenshot. But, and this is something you may find upsetting; we may not be able to recreate it exactly for you. You may not have the same hair texture or face shape of the person in the photo or we may not have the type of training or education just yet to create it. Please don’t be offended when we are completely honest with you. We will do our very best to translate and recreate your example or come up with something that meets in the middle.


Staying Focused

There are two types of hairdressers, those who like to talk while they work and those who don’t like to talk while they work. It’s not that we are being rude or don’t want to engage with you. Some of us perform at our very best when we can remain completely focused and immersed in our work. It’s only an uncomfortable silence when there’s a misunderstanding.

Styling & Finishing

Here’s where some of the best conversations can happen. During the styling and finishing portion of your appointment, this is where we can really give you some solid advice and teach you how to style your hair like a pro. Things like teaching you how to properly hold your blow dryer and why this product will perform better than that product. This block of time in your appointment is where you get to learn our tricks of the trade and be open and honest with us on your skillset. It gives us the opportunity to come up with ways on how to advance your skills and teach you how to properly use the products we are recommending and prescribing for you to take home.


Before You Leave

After you’ve been styled and we’ve answered any questions you may have, please get your next appointment booked in advance before you leave. Our schedules fill up quickly, especially during the holidays and during the summer when people are going on vacations and attending weddings. When bridal season is in full force, that’s when our books become, well, booked and it can happen all in the matter of a single phone call. Also, the subject of tipping can be surprisingly sensitive and awkward for a lot of people. Some people don’t know whether it’s expected or how much to give. The general rule of thumb is that tipping is always, always appreciated, but never expected. Just like a nice gesture after an enjoyable restaurant experience, a tip is a good way to let us know that you appreciate our work. If you’re unsure, just ask!
We hope your next appointment (or your first appointment) with us is extra enjoyable and if there is anything else we can do, please let us know.

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